Psychoanalysis Lacan is issuing a call for submissions for its second and latest edition, to be released late in 2016. The forthcoming edition will be focused on the theme of crisis and psychoanalysis, whether the crisis in question be in the clinic or the world at large. The editorial committee will also accept papers on other themes, or in a range of media, and book reviews on psychoanalytic topics are welcome. Please feel welcome to get in touch if further information is required about a proposal’s suitability. The deadline for submissions is August 1.

There is no word limit, however, the suggested word limit is between 1,500 and 3,000 words. Footnotes and in-text referencing should follow the APA style as laid out in the style guide below. All work remains the intellectual property of its author. For submissions, proposals, or further information, please liase with the editors through the email below.

APA Style Guide

We are also seeking assistance in the editing of the journal; if you would like to be a part of it, please contact us on the above email.



The Lacan Circle of Melbourne is a professional organization dedicated to the study, teaching and practice of Lacanian psychoanalysis.

As an Associate Group of the New Lacanian School, the Circle is directly connected to the most contemporary developments in psychoanalysis worldwide, from Europe, North and South America, and East Asia. Current members of the Circle include noted Lacanian translator and scholar, Russell Grigg, and current President Dr David Ferraro, as well as many other practising psychoanalysts, doctors, writers, artists and academics.

The Circle promotes psychoanalysis and encourages exchanges between psychoanalysis and cognate fields, including international conferences on such themes as “Psychoanalysis and Science,” and “Jacques Lacan’s Seminar XVII,” as well as public lectures, teaching seminars, and reading groups.

Its international guests have included Slavoj Zizek, Eric Laurent, and Pierre-Gilles Guéguen.