International Workshop of the Lacan Circle

Symptoms in the age of disconnection with Jean-Pierre Klotz


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17-19 April 2009

Public lecture: ”Psychoanalytic practice today: why is it worthwhile?” and two Workshops

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Dominique Laurent, “The demand for symptomatic desegregation”, trans. Julia Richards Lacanian Praxis 2(1975): 9-13. click here

Jean-Pierre Klotz, “Depression, the ultimate freeze-frame shot!”, trans. Keith Al-Hasani. Originally published as “La depression, comme un arret sur image”, La Cause freudienne 35 (1997):29-32.click here

Serge Cottet, ‘Gay Knowledge, Sad Truth’ trans. by Russell Grigg click here

J-A Miller: Interview on the current situation. trans Corinne Borderclick here
Carole  Dewambrechies – La Sagna ‘The symptom’s function’ trans. Dominique Hecq. click here


Jouissance and the Body


Inaugural joint workshop by the Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis and the Lacan Circle of Melbourne

21 March 2009. Programme: click here



Fundamental texts in psychoanalysis

Seminar V, Formations of the Unconscious; Le seminaire, livre V, Formations de l’inconscient:This is the most significant of Lacan’s early seminars and an excellent introduction to the key concepts of Lacanian psychoanalysis. Close commentary will be accompanied by detailed discussion of crucial issues.

Copies of the seminar are available in French from Amazon.fr and in English from Karnacbooks.com.

25 February 2009. For details click here

11 March 2009. chapter I (06.11.1957), Le Famillionaire.

25 March 2009. chapter II (13.11.1957), Le Fat-Millionnaire.

8 April 2009. Chapters III and IV

22 April 2009. chapter V (04.12.1957), Le peu-de-sens et le pas-de-sens. Plus overview on Jacobson’s – Metaphor/Metonymy/Aphasia.

3 June: session of 8 January 1958, chapter 8, “La forclusion du nom-du-père”, in the French. Presentation on the paternal metaphor by Andrew Sim.

17 June:session of 8 January 1958, chapter 8, “La forclusion du nom-du-père”, in the French.

In this session on the foreclosure of the Name-of-the-Father, Lacan reviews his thesis about the origins of psychosis advanced in his Seminar III and critically discusses Gregory Bateson’s double bind thesis, which was subsequently influential on Ronald Laing. Lacan also uses the occasion to stress the importance of his concept of the big Other to an understanding of the differences between the imaginary and the symbolic.

Chapter 8 is the beginning of the second trimester. Lacan has returned from a break and the seminar is about to take a new direction: this session becomes the first of several in which he expounds and reconfigures Freud’s theory of the Oedipus complex.

12 August session of 29 January 1958, chapter 11 in the French. This is the third session on the three moments of the Oedipus complex.

26 August: session of 5 February 1958, chapter 12 in the French, “De l’image au signifiant dans le plaisir et dans la réalité”.

9 September: session of 12 February 1958, chapter 13 in the French, “Le fantasme au-delà du principle du plaisir”.

23 September: Chapter 14.

14 October: session of 12 March 1958, chapter 15 in the French, “La fille et le phallus”.

11 November session of 12 March 1958, chapter 16 in the French

9 December session of 19 March 1958, French ch. 16, “Les insignes de l’Ideal”.

16 December session of 26 March 1958, French ch. 17, “Les formules du désir”.

Presentation and discussion of clinical cases

20 March 2009. A-L.Stevens ‘What one calls Untriggered Psychosis’. Click here

3 April 2009. J-A Miller “La clinique d’ironie” Click here . J-A Miller “The invention of delusion” Click here

15 May for details click here Readings: as for April 3

19 June 2009 The two cases of hysteria presented by Pierre Naveau in his paper, “The Clinic of Detail and Hysteria”, click here

It is also available at: http://www.mental-nls.com/MentalOnline11

14 August. J-A Miller, ‘Interpretation in Reverse’ click here

18 September 2009 The paper for discussion is Jacques-Alain Miller’s “A and a in clinical structures”, click here



Clinical Seminars

Symptoms then and now: from conversion symptoms to depression

21 February 2009. For details click here

4 April 2009 click here for more details

J.-A. Miller, ‘S(x)‘, The Symptom 5 (2004).click here J.-A. Miller,’The Symptom’,Lacanian Ink 4 (1991): 13-21.click here

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20 June 2009 click here for details

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Study Days 2009

The labyrinth of obsessional neurosis

21 February 2009. For details click here

4 April 2009. For details click here

E.Laurent. The Name-of-the-Father: Psychoanalysis and Democracy. In Lacanian Compass click here

E.Laurent. ‘How to recompose the Name-of-the Father’ click here

E.Laurent. Symptom:discourse In/out click here

16 May 2009 for details click here

20 June 2009 click here for details

Guéguen, Pierre-Gilles: “From Anxiety to the Name-of-the-Father”,Lacanian Compass vol. 1, issue 5 (July 20, 2005). (www.amp-nls.org/Lacaniancompass5.pdf ) click here

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