Fundamental Texts 2010

February 24th, 2010 – session of 23 April 1958, chapter 19 in the French.

March 10th
: continuing from above

March 24th: continuing

April 14th Continue with week 20 (in the French), Session of 30 April 1958, which is the session on ‘Le rêve de la belle bouchère’, or the smoked salmon dream, from The Interpretation of Dreams.

April 28th. Continue with the session of 7 May, week 21 (in the French), on ‘Les rêves de “l’eau qui dort”’.

There are two important references in this chapter: Michael Balint’s “Genital love”, chap 7 of his Primary love and psycho-analytic technique, and the dream of an hysteric reported by Freud in The Interpretation of dreams, Chap 5, section A, part I, beginning “An intelligent and cultivated young woman, ..”. There is also a third, passing reference, to Lévi-Strauss’s Tristes Tropiques.

May 12th: session of 7 May, week 21 (in the French), on ‘Les rêves de “l’eau qui dort”’, picking up the thread from p. 374, where Lacan begins to speak of Freud

May 26th: Chapter 22, session of May 14th.

June 9th – session cancelled

June 23rd. The relevant session remains that of 14 May 1958.

July 28th A discussion of Maurice Bouvet on obsessional neurosis, focusing on his paper, ‘Incidences thérapeutiques de la prise de conscience de l’envie de pénis dans la névrose obsessionnelle féminine’, which we hope to have in translation by the week-end. If you are attending the seminar and would like a copy, let me know or it is available on the website library.
We will also discuss, time permitting, the session of 21 May 1958. Ch. 23, ‘L’obsessionel et son désir’ in the French. We will continue the discussion of maternal “ravage” from last time as well as of Bouvet.

August 11th

August 25th

September 15th We’ll continue our discussion of Lacan’s take on Bouvet this Wednesday and pick up our reading from near the end of the session of 11 June 1958, chapter 25, ‘La signification du phallus dans la cure’, in the French edition.

September 29th: We’ll discuss Lacan the session of 18 June 1958, chapter 26, ‘Les circuits du désir’, in the French edition, focusing on Glover’s article on inexact interpretation, Lacan on the Other of the Other, and Lacan’s little theory of blasphemy

October 13th: The discussion for this meeting will again focus on the session of 18 June 1958, which is chapter 26, ‘Les circuits du désir’.

Study Days 2010

20 February 2010 – for details click here

13 March 2010 Study Day was replaced by a joint workshop on ‘Semblants’ with the Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis – programme

17th April 2010 details

May 15th details

June 19th details

Friday 16 July to Sunday 18 July International Seminar with Marie-Hélène Brousse.’Ethics and Politics in the Later Lacan’ had to be cancelled click here for more details

Saturday August 14th We have two visiting scholars on this study day and there will be no charge for attendees. Lunch will be provided. For programmme click here

Saturday September 18th click here for details.

Saturday October 16th click here for details