Study Days

April Study Day

Lacan Circle of Melbourne

Invitation to the Study Day

Saturday, 22nd April 2017

Lacan Circle of Melbourne (LCM) is holding its third Study Day for the year, and the Circle invites to this event anyone interested in Lacanian psychoanalysis. The Study Day will be held from 10am to 2pm at Kathleen Syme Library, 251 Faraday Street, Carlton 3053, Multipurpose Room 2. Registration for this allday event can be made on the day, with the fees of $50, $40 and $30, for non-LCM members, LCM members, and full-time students respectively. Please find below the details of the program for the day.

Session 1 (10:00-11:15): An introductory seminar on elementary concepts of Lacanian psychoanalysis: From Symptom to Sinthome Presented by: Russell Grigg  A discussion of Lacan’s move from symptom to sinthome and why he made it.

Session 2 (11:30-12:45): Seminar XXIII Chapters 2&3, Part II Presented by: David Westcombe Seminar XXIII is Lacan’s final published seminar and certainly one his most important. In weaving together themes of topology, the art of James Joyce and a new conceptualization of the symptom – 2 or sinthome – we see the culmination of the work of the later Lacan. In this presentation we will be continuing our discussion about Seminar XXIII The sinthome. We will be focusing on chapters 2&3, looking at the overall structure of these chapters as well as certain passages selected to provide landmarks for the reader attempting to approach this most extraordinary text.

Session 3 (1:00-14:00): Trauma, Jouissance, and the Stabilisation of Psychosis: A Clinical Presentation Presented by: David Ferraro

Please contact Noriaki Sato at if you have any questions regarding the LCM Study Day.